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    網站首頁 | ENGLISH

    Suqian Dewei Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated in Ecological Chemical Science and Technology Industrial Park, Suqian City, Jiangsu, where enjoys convenient transportation.

    Suqian Dewei Chemical Co., Ltd. mainly engages in producing APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals (such as OLED raw material), etc.

    Suqian Dewei Chemical Co., Ltd. has three workshops according to production condition. The reactor volume in the first-stage is 80 cubic meters, in the second-stage is more than 300 cubic meters.

    Based on R&D power of Nanjing King-Pharm Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Kelaisen Chemical Co., Ltd., the company is capable of developing new products for customers. There are 6 technical personnel, who are expert in transforming laboratory techniques into production technologies.

    Suqian Dewei Chemical Co., Ltd. products cover Grignard reaction, diazo-reaction, hydrogenation reaction, bromination reaction, and etc. Typical operations cover anhydrous operation, rectification operation, -20℃ low temperature to 220℃ high temperature operations, etc.

    Through on-site inspection of foreign customers, our quality management ability has been greatly improved. Our file system and refined drying packing device are highly approved by customers.

    Your demand brings us opportunities, and your trust motivates us to progress.

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